As with most private clubs, The Secret Garden Dining Club expects its members to follow a code of conduct. In our case, the policies are based on mutual respect between other members, member guests, hotel guests and our service team. Keeping in mind our core value of respect, please refer to our membership policies listed below:

1. Landry Trebbi Investment Corp is also known as ‘The Secret Garden Dining Club’ or ‘The Club.’
2. The Secret Garden Dining Club is a private members club located at 111 North Birch Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33304.
3. The Club’s kitchen hours are between 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. These hours are subject to change for special events.
4. The Club will review applications received for potential membership and has authority over all decisions relating to membership.
5. Application for membership to The Club is welcome to anyone 21 years of age and older. Applicants must be recommended by the General Manager or a current active member. A decision will be made by The Club after potential applicants fill out the online application form complete with payment. Applicants must also acknowledge and agree to the Club policies at this time.
6. The current annual membership fee is $199 and will automatically renew on the member’s one-year anniversary date of application. Annual membership fees are not refundable.
7. Members are required to inform The Club of any changes to their contact information including address, phone number, and email address.
8. Guests to The Club must be accompanied by a member at all times. Members are responsible for their guests' conduct. Guests will not be seated until they are accompanied by a member on the property and must leave the Club when the member does.
9. The Club’s Manager has the discretion to refuse entry to any member and their guest at any given time.
10. Dining reservations are required at all times.
11. The cancellation policy is at least 24 hours’ notice to avoid being penalized. At the time of making your reservation, a credit card will be required to hold your reservation. This means that if the reservation is canceled within the 24-hour window, the credit card attached to the reservation will be charged a $35 per person cancellation fee. Reservations can be made by the member or member's spouse/partner listed on the membership application.
12. Specific table location can be requested, but cannot be guaranteed. On any given night, the dock may be closed for dining because of inclement weather. Management will decide by 5:00 pm the same night where dinner will be served, with the member’s best interest in mind. While we do our best to accommodate people for dining outside, we cannot halt dinner service for other diners to set up outside in the middle of the evening. Leaving without honoring your reservation due to table location, weather, etc. could jeopardize membership and result in a cancellation fee.
13. Only Black Card members receive a 12% discount on all food and beverage purchases, advanced notification and reduced prices to The Club events, the ability to create a house account with a credit card on file and invitations to Black Card member-specific events. As well, Black Card members, from time to time, will receive special offers for stays at The Pillars Hotel. All discounted purchases must be made on the Black Card member’s credit card and are subjected to availability.
14. Prices do not include 6% sales tax and 18% service fee. A 20% service fee will be applied for parties of 6 persons and more.
15. No outside food or beverages can be brought into and consumed at The Club, however, members and guests are welcome to bring their wine. Note there is a $35 per bottle corkage fee per bottle. If a wine bottle is brought to the restaurant that is on The Club’s current wine list, a double corkage fee will apply.
16. The Club’s dress code is “resort elegant”. Although jackets are not required, we ask that all gentlemen wear collared shirts, closed-toed shoes and refrain from wearing shorts during the winter months. Men’s dress shorts are permitted between May 15th and October 30th.
17. Abuse of any kind made to The Club’s staff, members, member guests and hotel guests will not be tolerated. The General Manager, acting on behalf of The Club, may immediately suspend and/or remove a member’s Club privileges. A member’s annual fee will not be refunded if their membership is suspended or revoked.
18. The Club expects members to channel any complaints directly to the General Manager. Member and guest complaints made outside The Club via social media will not be tolerated and may result in loss of membership.
19. Dockage at The Club is prohibited. The main reason is that we do not want to block the view of our diners. The Club, however, welcomes members to be dropped off by their dinghy. This facilitates the opportunity to have your boat anchored off the hotel while dining. Please contact The Club in advance to notify us of your arrival by boat and confirm availability.
20. On property parking is very limited and is reserved for guests of The Pillars Hotel. Four-hour public parking is available approximately 200 feet northeast of The Pillars Hotel at the City of Fort Lauderdale pay lot located at 3031 Sebastian St. Payment can be made at meters via coin, cash, credit card and pay-by-cell phone at #82610. There are 74 parking spaces available. Parking is enforced 24 hours every day.
21. Member and guest property left to staff of The Club for safe custody, or for any other reason, is done so at their own risk. Items found left behind at The Club by hotel guests, members or member’s guests after closing will be held and secured for 30 days from the date found.
22. Members of The Club are provided access during dining hours to the following areas of the hotel: dining room, living room, bar, bar terrace, gazebo, VIP landing and dock. All other hotel amenities, including on-property parking and pool access, are reserved for hotel guest use only.
23. Changes to these policies can be made by The Club at any time. All members will be notified via email of any changes to policies within 15 days of doing so.
24. All members member’s guests shall be bound by these policies.